Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon [Germany] - Mispressed LP

Sold out

[6566] Germany Harvest 1977 mispressed 7-track LP in generic sleeve. In 1977 coloured vinyl editions of Dark Side Of The Moon (white vinyl), Wish You Were Here (blue vinyl) and Animals (pink vinyl) were pressed in The Netherlands with either German or Dutch labels/sleeves. Copies were seen in the UK with import stickers too. An employee of the Dutch pressing plant hand-assembled the side a plate from Animals and side b plate from Dark Side Of The Moon and pressed this on white vinyl. Only a handful copies appeared on the market since. The record first appeared in the 1988 Ditmar Müller auction list and the only copy I've had was obtained early 1990s. A once of a lifetime opportunity to acquire so a piece, the only Pink Floyd/Pink Floyd mispress. 1C 064-05249. EX.