Pink Floyd - See Emily Play [UK, transitional, press-out centre] - 7"


[6478] UK Columbia 1967 2-track press-out centre label 7inch in die-cut company sleeve. Both Arnold Layne and See Emily Play exist with two distinctly different label prints: a narrow large print of the song titles and a wide small print. Easiest to determine are copies of the narrow large print See Emily Play where the publishing details align with the 7XCA 30214/30215 registration number. EMI must have changed design somewhere from narrow large to wide small in the summer of 1967 shortly after See Emily Play was released. This means that the narrow/large print is the more common one for Arnold Layne but very hard to find for See Emily Play. For some reason EMI ran out of the old large b-side labels first, which meant the new small lettering was used for the b-side with the a-side still bearing the original large lettering. Only a very small amount of copies are believed to exist of these. Includes: See Emily Play / Scarecrow. DB 8214. VG+/VG+.