About Floyd - About Floyd [Holland] - 3CD Box


In over two hours, 3 cd’s, 33 original tracks and an astonishing 40-pages illustrated booklet, About Floyd lead you through the life of Pink Floyd as they experienced it. They do so in fully original yet recognizable memories captured in own words, sound and images. Each and every track refers to Pink Floyd, but is completely self-made.

About Floyd is a time travel from the dawn of the piper to the final cut. Cut into not the littlest of pieces and three time frames: The Lightyears (1967-1972), The Brightyears (1973-1979) and The Fightyears (1980-1983). Why those years, the band didn’t stop in 1983, did they? “No,” answer About Floyd, “they didn’t. But the unique blend of Roger’s conceptual ingenuity and David’s musical virtuosity did. And thát is what our homage is based upon.”

Pink Floyd fans all over the world cannot pass on this spectacular salute to one of the greatest bands of all time.

About About Floyd. Two hardcore Pink Floyd fans since 1967 decided to honour their favourite group. As lifetime professionals in international communication, they came up with the idea of a Pink Floyd biography. Not in reading, but in a form of art which has never been done before: in original songs, lyrics, sounds, thoughts, images and explanations. All based on how they experienced Pink Floyd as fans, from the outside looking in. They started their ambitious concept in 1992. Now, over thirty years of writing and composing later, About Floyd sees the light of day. Enjoy the trip!